Tournament Rules

Pointing System:
Each Elimination = 1 point
10 eliminations = 2 points
Second place = 1 point
First Place = 2 points


Gameplay Rules:

1. Platform

All players participating in the tournament are required to play on the same platform as the selected platform category. Eg: In PS4 console category tournaments, any player using a different platform will be disqualified from the tournament with no refund. Furthermore, players are encouraged to report any misconduct to our support team.

2. Sabotaging Rules:

● Breaking down or weakening any of your opposing teammates, build or structures.
● Causing your opposing teammate to misfire or lose his/her line of sight.
● Building around or blocking your opposing teammates.
● Stink bombing/boogie bombing your opposing teammates.

If any of these rules are breached, our team will evaluate the report and take appropriate action; either a disqualification or a rematch.


How the tournament works:

Solo: The tournament will be held in a duo public lobby as a 1v1. Player with the most kills after the two rounds, will advance forward. (Additional points for in-game placement First and Second)

Duo: The tournament will be held in a Squad public lobby as a 2v2. The team with the most kills after the two rounds, will advance forward. (Additional points for in-game placement First and Second). 



1st Place: $20 or 2000 V-bucks

Prize money will be sent via PayPal. If unable to receive payment through PayPal please contact a GorllazGaming representative. 


Proof of victory:

After each game you will have to input your score in the Discord submit score channel.



There will be two games for each opponent, each round a player will be able to choose the server of his preference.



GorillazGaming is not responsible for any lag or glitches that take place during the tournament. Refunds for players who encountered lag spikes, glitches or loss of internet connection during the tournament will not be accepted. Moreover, if there is a problem with Fortnite servers resulting in the game being disconnected, we will issue a refund to all players affected, given that they provide in game recording.

 General Rules:

  • If a player lags out during the first 30 seconds, the game should be ended and restarted for all game modes unless damage is inflicted by the opposing team prior to said time.
  • Tournament matches are expected to be played at the scheduled match time. If an opposing team fails to show up after 15 minutes after the scheduled match time, you must report a no show to Discord. We will then contact the opposing team to confirm the no show. (No shows will not be entitled to refunds.)
  • Users have 5 minutes from the time of their opponent(s) reporting a win/loss to dispute the match or report a loss. 

Refund Policy:

  • If Fortnite servers are down GorillazGaming will be granting a refund.
  • AED 5 will be deducted from the refund amount as GorillazGaming charges AED 5 Service charge.