Do I have to register with GorillazGaming to join a tournament?

Yes, all tournament participants are obligated to sign up with the details required as per the registration page. It is free for all to register with GorillazGaming. However, participation in all tournaments have paid entry.

Which payment methods can be used to join a tournament?

GorillazGaming will be accepting payments through PayPal and if you are unable to make the payment through PayPal please contact one of our representatives to guide you.

Are all these tournaments cross-platform?

No, each platform has a tournament for singles and doubles. 

How do I know who my opponent is each tournament?

Once you have joined a tournament, you will receive an E-mail providing a link to the Discord where the tournament brackets will be available. Tournament brackets will be updated accordingly.

How do I submit my scores?

All scores are to be submitted in the Scoreboard channel in the Discord.

How do I report any false activity?

Any false activity during the tournament should be reported in the report channel in the discord WITH recorded proof.

How do I receive my prize if I win?

Prize money will be sent through PayPal, if the winner is unable to receive payment through PayPal he/she is advised to contact a customer representative.

What time do tournaments begin?

All tournaments will begin at 4:00 PM GMT +4:00, every Friday and Saturday.